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Website Updates

We can help you manage your website.

Website Maintenance & Support

Does your current website need updated content, routine scheduled updates, or needs something fixed? Do you need more pages, additional SEO work, galleries updated, or you need to target specific keywords?

How does it work?

When you need something changed or added to your website, give us a call, email us, or fill out our Request Support Form, and we will get it done.

Website Maintenance Company Near Me Michigan
Step #1

Request updates by email, support form, or simply call us. (248) 507-4420

Step #2

We will review your request and give you options & pricing for the updates.

Step #3

We will email you an invoice for the work, then you prepay by credit card.

Step #4

We will gather all information needed and perform the updates.

Step #5

During the updates we will inform you if we run into problems and give options.

Step #6

When complete, we will contact you to let you know the updates are complete.

Why Schedule Regular Updates?

No matter what type of website you have, WordPress, Joomla, .NET, standard HTML, you need regular updates. There are many reasons to schedule regular updates and refresh your website’s layout. Here are a few of the top reasons.

PHP Version Changes - Plugin Compatibility - Security - WordPress Version Change - Forms Stop Working & more.

The above are just a few of the top reasons you need to keep your website updated. Think of your website like an engine, an engine has many moving parts, and if one fails, the engine runs poorly, or fails all together.

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