Quick Tips To Increase Your Christmas Sales

1. Create a Christmas “Hot Deals” page Specials and discounted items fly off the shelves every Christmas. Create something similar to Amazon’s lightning deals. Not everyone can afford to have [...]

How Much Does It Cost To Optimize A Website for Search?

The below mainly looks at the monthly costs of ongoing SEO assuming a website is already optimized. If the site is not optimized, you will need to consider the costs to have it optimized. A [...]

Are you prepared for the future of Search?

We are undergoing a time of unparalleled instability in the search industry. But still, there are elements that are still relevant. Over the years, search has been almost completely about Google [...]

Avoid Automatically Generated Content

Why You Should Avoid Auto-Generated And Scraped Content Many website owners and SEO companies in Michigan use software or web-based tools to automatically generate content for their websites. [...]

WordPress SEO Company in Michigan

WordPress SEO If you have a WordPess website, and you are in need of WordPress SEO, we can help. Optimizing for WordPress isn’t as easy as installing a plugin and setting the options. [...]