1. Create a Christmas “Hot Deals” page

Specials and discounted items fly off the shelves every Christmas. Create something similar to Amazon’s lightning deals. Not everyone can afford to have custom programming on their website like Amazon’s timed deals, but there are simple ways to get it done. Just have a handful of products on a page which deals stop at 3pm or midnight, or whatever time you choose. Make sure you cycle the products because people like to have a lot to choose from.

2. Set up your marketing

Make sure your email marketing campaigns are running at full speed. This is the time you market your Christmas specials, and set the seeds for the following years products or services. Don’t overdo it. A blast to the same person everyday may get you an “unsubscribed”. Also, make a huge push on social media including Facebook advertising. It costs less than Google Adwords, and in many cases Facebook is more effective.

4. Make sure your website loads fast

If you are one of those people that think all web hosting companies are the same, and the $3.95 a month web hosting plan is all you need, well, I sorry to say that you are incorrect. A good web hosting solution is a necessity for any online store and database driven website. First, Google ranks website load times in milliseconds, and your e-shoppers will not wait for 1 second longer than they need to for your site to load. They’ll just say, “what a crappy website” and go to Amazon. I’m right, aren’t I? Check with your developer for tips on how to increase your load speed, especially during high traffic moments.

5. Get shoppers to browse your internal pages

Create entry products and coupons on you home page to get your shoppers to go to your internal pages. This is where they can find all the products you want them to buy. If they stay on the home page they get a limited viewing, and may not see what they want. Get them to browse internal pages by a “CLICK HERE FOR A 40% DISCOUNT” link. It’s a quick and easy thing to do.

6. Be transparent – Return Policy, Shipping Policy, etc.

You may get one sale from a person this Christmas, but wouldn’t it be nice if they came back and purchased your products throughout the year? You MUST make your return, warranty, shipping, and other policies right out in front so there are no surprises. Furthermore, make sure you stand by them. Nobody likes hidden terms, fine print, and a retailer that doesn’t stand by their products.
Happy selling and Merry Christmas!
M. Van Camp – Web 7
© 2017 Web 7 Marketing Inc

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