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Most website owners think their website is compatible with smartphones & tablet computers. Close to 63 percent of all websites are not mobile or tablet friendly. With our HTML5 responsive websites and our WordPress solutions you can have a mobile ready website that is up-to-date and fully cross-browser compatible within a few weeks. There’s no need to build two websites, one for mobile and one for desk & laptop computers. Our responsive website designs are the all-in-one solution.

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No matter what type of business you have, you can benefit from a clean, functional and modern website design. The responsive mobile compatible platform is the preferred platform of the two major search engines, Google and Bing. Google announced that it will now reduce the rank of websites that do not have a responsive mobile compatible platform.


There are three common types of mobile websites. The first is the HTML5 responsive website without a CMS (content management system), the second is a HTML5 responsive website with a CMS (i.e. WordPress), and the third is the old style secondary mobile website. Learn more about web design for small businesses in Michigan.

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SEO Firm Grand Blanc MI


Search Engine Optimization is not an option. SEO is a must have. Search Engine Optimization is the process of increasing the amount of visitors to a website by ranking high in the search results of a search engine like Google. The higher a website ranks in the results of a natural search, the greater the chance the website will be visited by potential customers.


SEO IS EVER-CHANGING: Most Michigan small business owners are not aware that search engines such as Google change how they rank websites on a regular basis. Last year Google tweaked their search algorithm over 180 times. Not all the changes affected your website, but a few of them may have an impact your rankings. As the search engines fight to be the top provider of “the most relevant search results”, small business owners tend to be the casualties of that fight. Learn more about search engine optimization for Michigan small businesses.

Website Marketing

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Marketing your company website can be tedious and confusing. Your online competitors have an arsenal of tools they use, either inside their company or contracted to keep them high in the rankings. Simply keeping up with your competition isn’t good enough. You must have a well-thought-out and creative PPC campaign to keep your ads at the top.


The cost can be high: Search Engine Marketing / Pay Per Click advertising can be costly but in most cases the ROI will make up for it. Running a smart ad campaign is the key. Knowing the keywords and phrases that give you the most bang for the buck is a good start. Key considerations in ad rankings are, the bid amount, how relevant the website is to the ad, and the current organic rank of the website. Learn more about search engine marketing and Google advertising.

Michigan WordPress Web Designers

Expert WordPress Web Designers in Michigan.


We are the expert WordPress website designers in Michigan! We develop responsive mobile compatible HTML5, e-commerce, and WordPress websites. Over 90% of our new developments are on the responsive WordPress platform. Experience counts when developing a WordPress website for Michigan businesses. What many Michigan business owners don’t know is WordPress is used by many fortune 500 companies, and is the trusted platform. If you want to take your company’s web presence to the next level, increase your website conversion rates, and move up in the rankings, simply give is a call for a free no obligation evaluation and estimate. Our reviews and our work prove that we have the knowledge, ability, and creativity to handle your website development and marketing. Call us today, or fill out our request form and we will be in touch shortly.

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