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Internet Marketing

Search Engine, Social, and other paid internet advertising.

Stay ahead of your competition!

National & Local Marketing!

  • Google & Bing Ads (PPC)
  • Social Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Creation
  • Blog Development
  • and more!

Michigan Website Marketing & PPC Advertising Services

At Web 7, we first develop your internet marketing strategy by researching your company, its competitors, and your target market. To make your internet marketing strategy effective, you must fully understand your industry, both online and off.

This initial research helps us to create the best internet marketing strategy tailored to your company and your market. Take a few minutes to discuss your business with us and let our two decades of experience lead your company in the right direction.

Michigan Digital Marketing Agency

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You must know your audience and where to reach them.

No two companies are the same, and selecting the proper marketing channels and messaging for your company is key to successful internet marketing. For many companies ‘facebook likes’ and ‘social shares’ don’t always generate sales. Equally, traditional print advertising might not be a revenue generator for other businesses. The key is to fully analyze where the benefits sit for your specific business goals, whether that is direct print mail, social media ads or even TV commercials.

Reach Your Target Audience - Develop Brand Awareness - Convert Buyers & Drive Profit.

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Website Marketing for Michigan Companies

Marketing your company’s website can be tedious and confusing. Your online competitors have an arsenal of tools they use, either inside their company or contracted to keep them in front of their target audience. Simply keeping up with your competition isn’t good enough.

Internet marketing campaigns take time to prepare and implement, and require an eye for detail. Most companies don’t have the labor resources or knowledge of modern strategies to run their own campaign in-house, so they hire companies such as Web 7 to handle it. Many business owners try to manage their own online marketing campaign, and after thousands of dollars spent without a positive ROI, they finally decide to hire it out. It’s a smarter move to simply hire it out from the beginning. Save time and money, give us a call today.

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