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Website Marketing for Michigan Companies

Marketing your company’s website can be tedious and confusing. Your online competitors have an arsenal of tools they use, either inside their company or contracted to keep them in front of their target audience. Simply keeping up with your competition isn’t good enough.

Internet marketing campaigns take time to prepare and implement, and require an eye for detail. Most companies don’t have the labor resources or knowledge of modern strategies to run their own campaign in-house, so they hire companies such as Web 7 to handle it. Many business owners try to manage their own online marketing campaign, and after thousands of dollars spent without a positive ROI, they finally decide to hire it out. It’s a smarter move to simply hire it out from the beginning. Save time and money, give us a call today.



Why Use PPC Advertising?

Almost 46% of Michigan small businesses that have over 30 employees use pay-per-click advertising. With that said, most business owners are uneasy to approach new marketing initiatives in fear it will eat up their advertising budget without gaining new sales. However, with Google having 92% of the search market, and most people searching online for services & products, it only makes sense to use PPC ads as a marketing avenue.

Reach Your Target Audience - Develop Brand Awareness - Convert Buyers - Drive Profit & More!

Unlike many other marketing strategies, PPC allows you to reach and engage your target audience with ease.

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