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Website Maintenance and Code Updates:
Ongoing updates to a website is a must. With search engines updating their requirements and web code standards changing your website will eventually have issues. If your focus is good rankings your website needs to be tweaked every four months to stay ahead of all the changes Google and Bing make. Most of their changes are minor, but once or twice a year they tend to be big ones. These are the updates you need to comply with. Website maintenance will keep your site functioning the way it should and looking good. Browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari have frequent updates that can affect the navigation and image placement on websites as well as other key areas. We offer ongoing SEO and maintenance updates at an additional fee.

Additional fees for ongoing support: (email, web hosting, CMS training, e-commerce CMS training, phone support, etc.)

We are always here to help, but these are a few things that we must charge an additional fee for. 1. Website hosting problems (if not on our servers): If you’re having problems with your website and we need to access the servers and/or contact the hosting company to get the issue resolved. This is generally very time-consuming. 2. Additional software and/or additional CMS training. 3. E-mail client setup or repair including new address purchase, setup, third-party support. 4. Phone support.

Domain Name:
In most cases we will need to access your domain account (i.e. Godaddy) to either purchase additional domain names for you or point the domain name to the new web hosting servers. If you currently have a web hosting account we will most likely not need your domain account information. We will however need the web hosting login information and the link to login.

Website Hosting:
CLICK HERE FOR WEB HOSTING: If you have hired us to develop a new website then it’s probable your website will be hosted on our servers. In most cases this is the best solution because we are able to monitor your website more efficiently and perform website updates a touch faster. If we are redesigning your website and you have a current hosting solution we will use it unless it will not support your new website in which case we will need to upgrade your hosting.

E-commerce Website Checklist
By utilizing our short e-commerce checklist you can ensure the speedy development of your new shopping website and avoid launch delays. E-commerce websites are more involved than a traditional HTML small business website. Shopping websites require quite a bit more information such as product descriptions, prices, product weights, merchant account information and security certificate installations. That’s why a simple checklist is needed to keep things moving along smoothly. Click here for our e-commerce website checklist PDF.

Website Checklist
To ensure the timely launch of your new website there are certain steps that need to be taken. We rely on you to furnish us with all the necessary materials you want incorporated into your website. Materials such as content (site text), company logo, etc.

E-commerce CMS:
Our e-commerce website solution includes a built-in CMS and store management administration. We do provide initial training on the key areas of managing your online-store, but refreshers are sometimes needed. We do provide ongoing training for an additional fee.

WordPress CMS Training:
A WordPress website is a great platform for almost any company. With a built in Website Management System and the ability of quickly adding new pages and updating content it’s a great solution. However, if you don’t use it often you may forget how to navigate your way around the admin panel. In some cases, we provide initial training if listed in our design agreement, and if on-site training is needed down the road we offer that as well for a small fee.

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