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Have you ever experienced this scenario?

You hire a web designer to build a website, but then the quality of service quickly goes downhill. Then you attempt to hire a different designer to either finish the website, or take over the project, only to find out that your domain name and hosting account is owned by the designer. After you find this out, you request that you want everything put in your name, but the designer says that you owe them more money before they will do anything, or they simply say no.


This happens more often than you think. Even some of the largest marketing companies in the USA do this to their Clients. They want control over their customers to make it too difficult for them to leave.


We don’t operate in this manner. We believe your website, Google accounts, domain names, web hosting, and all other related accounts should be owned by you, not a web designer or SEO marketing company.


FACT: One out of every five new Clients that hire Web 7 have been through this, and worse. Over the years, we have helped many business owners regain control of their web properties, so if you need help, give us a call. We will offer you honest consulting and solutions combined with high-level products.


The above is just one of the problems we encounter often. We’ve even had to remove viruses that unethical designers uploaded to websites. It is critical to hire a company that holds moral character and good business ethics high on their list. We know the importance of well developed websites and SEO, and we will do our best to provide you with the best possible solution within your budget and time-frame.

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