Have you checked your website contact forms lately?

Most people don’t realize the contact forms on their website need to be checked regularly to verify they are functioning properly. Most website owners think after the site is built the form will always work, and if some day it breaks, and they stop receiving contact submissions that it is the fault of the web designer. This is not necessarily true. In most cases a form will stop working due to an update to the website’s theme files, security updates, WordPress version updates, and server PHP version updates. We all know that a missed opportunity could cost you a sale worth $5,000 or more, and potential future referrals. My advice to you is check your contact forms every two weeks (every week would be nice, but most people won’t take the time).

It only takes one minute every couple of weeks to make sure your forms work and you are receiving requests from your website.

Need your contact forms fixed? Give us a call. We can help! 248-507-4420 (Michigan)

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