Large Background Images and Full Screen Viewing is The Modern Web Design

Big images are important in modern web design, but how many of you have ten or twenty 4000px by 3000px images lying around? In most cases, purchased stock photos fill the gap. Purchased stock photos will always play a big role in website design, from online-stores, service portfolios, or medical blogs, these images save time and money.
Website owners and web designers use stock photos to engage with users and express their message. For some time now, the Web has been littered with tasteless and phony looking stock photography with ridiculously happy people showing perfectly faked smiles and poses. In fact, there are studies that show most people disregard these artificial looking photos. However, things are looking up. Many people are starting to focus on gathering genuine images/photos of their own making. If you’re looking to develop a website, or spruce up your current one, you should take advantage of using real photos to connect with your target audience in a genuine way.
Unfortunately, the need for purchased photos won’t stop anytime soon. Many website owners don’t have the time to gather original photos, and they rather not pay a professional photographer or website designer to produce them. Some sound advice is to try your best to develop a unique image usage plan with your web designer. It will better serve your goal of providing your visitors with a modern viewing experience, and it will help increase customer conversions.