No Keywords in Adwords?

Some local marketing mangers logged into their Adwords accounts back in late February to find a new campaign named “Local Search Ads Experiment Campaign”. Google has confirmed that these [...]

Quick Tips To Increase Your Christmas Sales

1. Create a Christmas “Hot Deals” page Specials and discounted items fly off the shelves every Christmas. Create something similar to Amazon’s lightning deals. Not everyone can afford to have [...]

6 Ways to Boost Your Website Security

Keep Your Versions Updated: Make sure your WordPress version, plugin versions, and themes are updated regularly. Beef Up Your User Names & Passwords Never use the user name or password [...]

Large Background Images and Full Screen Viewing is The Modern Web Design

Big images are important in modern web design, but how many of you have ten or twenty 4000px by 3000px images lying around? In most cases, purchased stock photos fill the gap. Purchased stock [...]

How Much Does It Cost To Optimize A Website for Search?

The below mainly looks at the monthly costs of ongoing SEO assuming a website is already optimized. If the site is not optimized, you will need to consider the costs to have it optimized. A [...]

Are you prepared for the future of Search?

We are undergoing a time of unparalleled instability in the search industry. But still, there are elements that are still relevant. Over the years, search has been almost completely about Google [...]

Avoid Automatically Generated Content

Why You Should Avoid Auto-Generated And Scraped Content Many website owners and SEO companies in Michigan use software or web-based tools to automatically generate content for their websites. [...]

WordPress Plugin Compatibility

WordPress Plugin Compatibility If you’ve had problems with your WordPress website, you’re not alone. WordPress is the best platform for any small business website, but just like every [...]

WordPress SEO Company in Michigan

WordPress SEO If you have a WordPess website, and you are in need of WordPress SEO, we can help. Optimizing for WordPress isn’t as easy as installing a plugin and setting the options. [...]

Micro Websites or Microsites

Why should you have a microsite? Microsites help increase your overall visibility of your main website. Web 7 Marketing can develop small 3 to 5 page websites that will link back to your main [...]

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